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Timely release of information about major cases to help ensure justice

Prosecutors will be required to release information about major cases to the parties involved and to the public in a timely manner to ensure justice, according to an order released by the Supreme People"s Procuratorate on Wednesday.

"Introducing such a measure is aimed at enhancing supervision of the prosecuting departments and fully protecting the legitimate rights of the litigation participants," Xian Jie, deputy director at the SPP"s law and policy research department, said during a news briefing on Wednesday.

"As a result, the public will experience equality and fairness in each case, which will promote the building of a legal society," Xian said.

In recent months, a series of major, sensitive or influential cases has aroused attention from the public and media about the trial"s equity and justice.

"Publicizing case information to the parties involved in a timely manner will enable the public to better understand the law and be conducive to defusing social conflicts and avoiding mass cases," Xiao Wei, spokeswoman for the SPP, said during the briefing on Wednesday.

According to Xian, prosecutors will respond to the concerns of litigants and the public, including facts about a case, the application of law, legal procedures and progress of a case, as well as other questions raised by the litigants.

"But the prosecuting departments will not share confidential information that should not be disclosed to the public, such as cases involving minor defendants or victims," she said.

Xian said they will set up a long-term mechanism and supervise the local prosecuting departments to perform their duties.

Moreover, they will use new media platforms, including apps, micro blogs and WeChat to release information, in addition to traditional media such as newspapers, TV, radio, news conferences or inviting the public to the educational centers.